2021 Photography Fair Report, Practical Photos and Event Coverage


The wait for photography fans has been long but The Photography Show has finally opened its doors to visitors until September 21, 2021.

At the event, big names in the industry such as Nikon have booths where visitors can learn about the products and learn a thing or two from their speakers who include professional photographers and other industry experts. industry.

To keep you up to date with what’s going on at the NEC, ePHOTOzine member and events reporter Stuart Fawcett has stepped through the halls to bring you all the latest news, photos of new products and Following.

You can see a full rundown of what Stuart has been up to on his blog, but we’ve gathered everything he shared in one place so you can easily get the update on this year’s event.

If you are leaving later today or tomorrow you will need to follow certain guidelines which include proof of having two Covid vaccinations or a negative test and in return you will be given a bracelet that you must wear so others know you are done. this step. We were told the whole process is quick and you don’t stand in line for long.


Nikon booth at the photography fair

At the Nikon booth, you can familiarize yourself with the Z series as well as choose the brains of the experts available to help you. They also have their superzoom lenses lined up so you can look through them at what’s going on around the show and the Nikon f / 2 (1971) is proudly on display in a case alongside the Nikkor 6mm f / 2.8 fisheye (1972).

Nikon booth at the photography fair

Nikon booth at the photography fair

Nikon booth at the photography fair


18-300 f / 2.5-6.3 ASP-C

At the Tamron booth, the Tamron 18-300mm f / 3.5-6.3 Di III-A VC VXD lens is available for a grip. It is beautiful, light and compact for a zoom of this range. There is a good, firm zoom action and a zoom lock button so that no lens creep occurs. With zoom out, the lens extends up to 300mm.


97593 1631959528 |  1/33 s |  f / 1.7 |  4.7 mm |  ISO 305

Fujifilm introduces the new X-T30 II, with a two-way flip-up screen, and the specs are a good description of the camera. They also have the new XF 23mm f / 1.4 fixed lens for visitors to get acquainted with and it has a good weight.

The X-T30 II looks a lot like the original X-T30, even the badge doesn’t have an “II” on it, and the only physical difference between the two cameras is the 1.62 million dot LCD monitor on the rear panel.

If you missed it, Fujifilm also announced the Fujifilm GFX 50S II this month.

In addition to cameras and lenses, Fujifilm has exhibits you can take a look at, studio discussions, and super image processing on two large booths. You can also familiarize yourself with Instax cameras if you are a fan of instant movies.

97593 1631959602 |  1/33 s |  f / 1.7 |  4.7 mm |  ISO 227


Samyang stand

Samyang had a modest screen this time around, but they were very excited about what came from Samyang and the news about the RF 85mm mount that comes back once the component supply issues are resolved.



The new Sigma 24mm f / 2 DG DN and Sigma 90mm f / 2.8 DG DN lenses from Sigma are beautiful, FF / APS-C compatible and small. OMG! The 90mm on a Sony camera was nice to hold. It’s all metal and looks “excellent old-school”. In fact, this is possibly the best portrait lens I have ever had and I can’t wait for ePHOTOzine to review this lens.

Sigma 90mm


Vanguard Support

I saw my favorite tripod at the photography show at the Vanguard booth – the Vanguard VEO 3T 265HCBP made of carbon fiber. It has a central column with double extension and a removable monopod that goes up to 166 cm. The new leg locks are strong and the 5 section extension is strong and allows the tripod to compact up to 44cm. The ball head is Arca compatible and it has an optional pan arm which I loved. There is also a Bluetooth trigger for smartphones that vloggers and bloggers will find useful. Its price is £ 270 and after a quick glance I think it will be money well spent.

ePHOTOzine, we’ll be reviewing Vanguard’s new line of tripods shortly, so stay tuned.



Wacom is busy showing lots of new people how to use their products, and a new product launch is planned for soon. PS Wacom has show deals if you plan to attend.


Olympus Support

Olympus, once again, has massive support and plenty of cameras to try out, including the OM-D E-M1X. The new Olympus 20mm f / 1.4 Pro and Olympus 40-150mm f / 4 Pro, recently announced in a lens roadmap, are not yet on the booth but are available in a few weeks and ePHOTOzine will revise the optics as soon as they are available. are available.


Canon EOS R3

Canon had a lot of demos going on and their latest release, the EOS R3, was on display alongside lenses such as the 100-400mm f / 5.6-8 IS USM and 16mm f / 2.8 STM. On the EOS R3, the focus is good and I like the flip-up screen, dual grip, and EVF (which looks good on me). As for the 100-400mml, focusing was fast when used with the EOS R3 and even fast in low light levels. Images looked good on the LCD screen – it’s a good competitor.

Canon was also looking for public opinion on a few ideas for cameras, the first one was what I call the “social camera”. This camera is designed to let you participate in creating memories of groups and events – how often are you the photographer and excluded from all images of family / friends because of it? Well, this little guy can sit back in the action and look to capture everyone involved – including you – then upload the footage to your smartphone so you can share it. It could actually be ideal for weddings, parties, etc. for all ages.

Maybe the small pocket video camera that you just hold over your shoulder to shoot real-time video where you can zoom in up to 300mm is more to your liking? Images of both devices are shown below.

Canon 16mm f2.8

Barrel 100-400mm

Canon Support

Canon Social Camera

Canon video camera


Sony Support

Sony was also right in the middle of the show and I got to see a very stylish and encouraging set of gear and played around with a few cameras, even trying out my Canon lenses on Sony cameras with a Sony adapter. There’s a lot for me to love about Sony, but I would really need some solid gear and a month to use it before I say I know it. It’s small and light, at least until you put the longer lenses on it.

A little shopping at TPS



Let’s not forget that a good reason to come to the Salon de la Photographie is the reductions offered! There are plenty of them including Wex offering up to 30% off on some lines and there is also a trade area where you can get kit value.

For those who cannot afford to make a purchase, you can rent lenses – I found this option really interesting. Basically, if you are unsure of a lens, you can rent one and try it out. Various companies are doing this now, including Lens For Hire and Lens Pimp. Canon could even do something for free.

Conferences, theaters and lessons

There are a lot of conferences spread over more than 4 general rooms, and maybe as many in the rooms of the camera manufacturers. The only lecture I attended was Simon McCheung’s one encouraging us all to consider what an art photographer was and how we might want to do it ourselves. He described his background and approach in this area – it started with a project of 365 self-portraits with a surreal feel and minimal background distractions. It then defines each image based on 5 key considerations about the image.

  1. Imagination – describing how he imagines the image will present itself to him and to the viewer, perhaps anchoring it to a cinematic style or genre of image.
  2. Esthetes – the style of presentation of the image
  3. Intellectual content – the shared reason for the scene and what it means to the viewer – even based on activism
  4. Symbolisms – the pictorial elements that will convey the message you are giving
  5. Moods / Emotions – how you want the viewer to feel the picture.

Surrealism and Photoshop can feature a lot in these images. So is this a genre to try?

One of the theaters was an action zone challenging you to capture fast moving images in low light conditions, thanks to Fusion_Extreme. I didn’t have the ideal gear, but my trusty Canon 6D with ISO over ISO12800 and a 70-300mm lens captured these images and I had a lot of fun doing it.


BMX Tips

Other interesting stands at the photography fair

Natasha J Bella

Don’t miss the incredible Natasha J Bella, a gorgeous and talented, entrepreneurial British model with her own booth at the show. What she has shown to the modeling and photographing community is incredible ingenuity with remote shoots – Covid locked us all in and instead of losing her regular income stream, she went online and s ‘is set up for remote shootings from his home studio. She also runs well-supported professional training sessions for photographers and other models on how to do this. I would bet there were thousands of remote shots during the lockdown directly because of her it’s thousands more people keeping their passion for business / photography while everyone else was isolated and felt a little depressed. It’s almost a public service for some if you ask me …

To see what else is happening at the Photography Show 2021, read Stuart’s blog: Visiting ‘The Photography Show’ & Coverage For ePz


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