College students celebrate their last day on the airwaves


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) — When researching local radio stations, you may have heard students on the air with Amarillo College FM 90.

Many of these students will not pursue a career in radio, but in almost all cases the student will leave Amarillo College better equipped for their chosen career.

Alissa Spangler, FM 90 from Amarillo College, and our Executive Producer, delivered their final show on FM 90 this week and I was honored to share the experience.

“I brought a very good friend of mine with me today, he works on Good News with Doppler Dave. Good news with Doppler Dave, hi Dave,” Spangler said on his last FM 90 show.

Already an executive producer at NewsChannel 10, the radio experience adds a new media dimension for Alissa.

“It helped me understand the context of what I do at NewsChannel 10 and here,” Spangler said.

“So we are FM 90 of Amarillo College. We usually have about 30 students per semester taking our program and we put them on the air. We teach them how to be broadcasters and how to learn to speak behind a microphone,” said Amy Hart, FM 90 program director.

For many, live radio broadcasting quickly takes them out of their comfort zone.

“On my schedule it said radio and I was like ‘oh no, I’m going to have to talk on the radio’. Like ‘what do you mean – I’m not going to like this,'” a said AC Mass Media student Kenna Moss, “And it ended up being one of my favorite things to do.”

“I used to be in a middle school where everything was not convenient, then I came to this middle school where everything is convenient, it’s definitely different,” said QC, a mass media radio student.

The AC program does not emphasize radio as a career, but rather the communication skills that are developed.

“So Matney’s mass media department here at Amarillo College, that’s what we’re trying to do is give students a lot of tools in their tool belt, so you know journalism skills , and it will help you find a career,” says Hart.

“Because I mean, you have to talk to people everywhere you go,” Moss helps. “So it’s very important to learn and know how to communicate and how to get your point across in a professional way or you know it, the way you want to say it.”

“You know, not only do you know, what people think media is, whether it’s photography or film, but you know, the music industry, the radio industry, and I think it definitely helped open my mind to a lot more possibilities.” QC said.

For Alissa, the radio experience has already proven to be an asset in her career.

“I had the opportunity to host our Sports Drive show recently and all the while I was just thinking ‘I’m so glad I’m having the FM 90 experience pushing the buttons and turning on the mics and talking and doing all of that stuff,” Spangler said.

In a way, this program also gave me a new experience because Alissa invited me to broadcast the FM 90 forecast.

What I love most about the program is that regardless of the specific career path, students come away with experience, accomplishments, and tools for the future,” Spangler said. “So it really helped me and I know it will continue to help me in the future.”

This is good news.

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