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WE all know that photos play an important role in our lives. Images help us remember the past, reminding us of people, places, feelings and stories. Yes, they help us know who we are and where we come from. After the long years during which we experienced the “Kodakan” sessions with our grandparents and our parents, we have since progressed to taking photos using our mobile phones.

Paolo Carino talks about self-portrait photography

The camera function has become an important consideration when Pinoys buy cell phones. And since then came the GPOY (Free Photo of Yourself)/”camwhoring” types who love to share their “selfies” on social media like Facebook or Twitter. The Philippines has distinguished itself as the “selfie capital of the world” according to Time Magazine.

I can! The owners of the Paolo and Abigail Carino studios

“Photography keeps us excited because of exciting moments like important milestones that we want to preserve in our lives. Now we would like to introduce you to the latest self-shooting photography happening in Manila, right here in Davao City The concept is in these self-shooting studios, they allow you to take portraits by yourself with all the equipment of a professional photography studio.

The inauguration of I can! studios

You can pose whatever you want in so many ways without the awkward moment of having to deal with a photographer who might be alien to you. You also have enough time to think about the poses you want to capture. Our main goal is to eliminate inhibitions and doubts by providing a safe space for the community. The studio space is made for its clients to feel the emotions of the moment and capture them without fear of being judged,” says Johann Paolo Carino, a young entrepreneur from Manila who was in advertising before deciding to move to Davao.

Yes, the handsome young man is married to Abigail Belisario, the beloved daughter of Owel and Patchot Belisario.

It was June 18, 2022, when the young couple, with the wise support of their parents Owel and Patchot Belisario, and the Jorge and Daisy Carino family from Manila, inaugurated the “I can! Studios” on the second floor of the CT Drive Building along Tulip Drive, Matina, Davao City. Fr, Denny Toledo, SJ, blessed the studio; while Councilor Tek Ocampo cut the ceremonial ribbon with the help of Paolo and Abigail Carino.

Belisario and Carino families reunited

Guests were then able to view the interior of the studio, including the basic equipment setup with its latest lights, a flash trigger, light modifiers, light stands, and more. Oh yes, the guests also had the opportunity to take pictures of themselves.

Guests included Ernie and Karen Laurel, Louie and Malouchi Gahol, Joy Belisario, Jorge Carino, Patchot Belisario

“I’d like to believe phone selfies are out and studio-style photos are back. The self-shoot photo studio trend is here in the country; and it’s growing exponentially. Here at ‘I Can!’ Studios”, we give you all the equipment of a professional photography studio as well as enough time to create your own funny photos. We invite Davaoenos to schedule their non-awkward photoshoot with friends, family, or just alone with even a favorite pet. I can! The studios have affordable packages that you can choose from,” Abi B. Carino told guests who would soon be their customers.

atty Basa-Tan with the trigger pulls with Mike Tan and Michael E. Dakudao

“Plus, we put a lot of detail into the design of the studio. We hope our customers enjoy the aesthetic of the I can! Studios. For clients who are in their first experience in a self-shooting photo studio, we are on hand to help them strike a pose and learn more about themselves and help them feel at home. comfortable, to feel good and to have confidence in them! Studios when they shoot each other. We also have a spacious dressing room for their change of costume or outfit,” said Paolo Carino.

Guests were then treated to a hearty snack prepared by “Crazy Cook” Carmina Mapa-del Rosario at her cozy Mindanao Butchers boutique located in the same building. Thank you, Owel, Patchot, Paolo and Abi for inviting me.


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