Dayton Daily News, Springfield News-Sun Wins 12 State Journalism Competition Awards


Sports writer Tom Archdeacon won the award for best sports reporting.

The judge wrote of the Archdeacon: “In a year wasted by COVID, where every sport has been affected, it’s hard to find anything else to write about. The submitted stories represent not only excellent writing, but also storytelling that captures the reader’s attention and draws them into the article until the end.

Editor-in-Chief Sean McClelland took home the Best Title category. His work elicited this response from the judge: “The headlines grab the reader’s attention, provide enough information to make them want to read the story, but don’t sensationalize or give away the stories.” Well done!”

Springfield News-Sun photographer Bill Lackey took first place for Best Photographer.

“This winning entry definitely stood out for its beautiful diversity of images and composition,” said the judges.

Alexis Larsen was honored as Ohio’s Best Graphic Designer, receiving praise from the judges, who rated her work as clean and easy to read.

Former Dayton Daily News staffer Amelia Robinson finished first in Best Reporting for her work on COVID-19. The judge called it compelling journalism. “This reporter brought COVID-19 home in a vivid way through the stories of families and medical teams,” the judge wrote. “We saw the big news through a little lens, and it actually told us the whole story.”

Robinson also placed second for best columnist and second for best editorial writing.

Editors Sharyn Boyle and Mark Toerner placed second in best front page design.

Editor-in-chief Adrian Zamarron finished second in the best special section for “In the Balance”, which the judge said: “Very well done. Nice photos.”

Editor-in-Chief Lynn Hulsey finished second in the Best Activity Report category.

The competition is the only competition in Ohio that honors journalists who fulfill the mission of the SPJ: defending the First Amendment, supporting literacy, resisting censorship, advocating for the opening of archives and public meetings, self-criticism media and community service.

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