Discover Colorful, the tool that allows you to create your own 3D photo studio


When we talk about photography, there are people who go through a learning process where they acquire knowledge that allows them to understand everything about the management of light, both natural and artificial, as well as the aspects that influence the taking photography such as framing, planes and focus.

This is what makes the person finally able to obtain an image with aesthetics and quality superior to those obtained by an average person, which is why he decides to undertake professional photography in which he can have the possibility of photograph models. or even products for a prestigious brand.

For this, a photo session is essential, the logistics of which can be an expensive process, having to have a place, renting equipment, preparing the decor to generate the appropriate lighting, among other things.

In the case of product photographyrecently released a tool with functions and an interface that allows you to make a digital photo shoot for that product you want to advertise, as if you were doing it in real life.

is about Colored, a program designed to be used in the browser with which you can take advantage of the utilities offered by this software to create a 3D scene with a result quite similar to any photograph taken in real life; all without the need for special high-performance hardware.

This is how Colorful offers you a work environment based on the following aspects:

cloud computing

Colorful takes care of manage in the cloud the tasks that represent a greater expenditure of resources for the computer, thus avoiding that the designer has to invest money in the acquisition of materials that bear the burden of program efforts.

internet and sharing

As the server on which Colorful performs image processing, the user may have the ability to Build your own 3D photo studio and share it with other photography professionals via a simple link. Once created, these photo studios can be reused long-term on many shoots.


Thanks to its characteristics, Colorful contributes to eliminate the barriers between professionals, allowing them to work together for a better result.

In the future, the developers of Colorful should add more collaboration features to this tool so that the teams involved in a project have everything they need to work, either in real time or individually.

If you want more information about Colorful, you can do so by entering its official page


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