Find the best North Fork wine tasting spot for every occasion


Do you have friends in town? Want to bring your dog? Or is it all about the wine? Like your vineyard matchmaker, we’ve found the right wine estate to visit for every mood and situation. Read on for personal suggestions from our editors on where to drink wine when…

When you have friends in town

Corey Creek Faucets This tasting room by Southold, sister of Bedell Cellars, is my favorite place to sip wine when we have friends in town. The tasting room is rustic but chic and offers a magnificent view of the vineyards from the back deck. The wine is lively and accessible, and the scene is relaxed and welcoming. Bring a picnic blanket, take a seat on the large back lawn while you taste wine, listen to live music, and wait your turn at the cornhole. You can really feel that you are in the heart of wine country when you are there. – Michelina Da Fonte

Friends meet at the Corey Creek Tap Room. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

When you want a lively crowd

Palmer vineyards This Aquebogue cellar achieves a perfect balance between pleasure and fulfillment. The wine, made from vines planted four decades ago, is produced by one of the best winemakers in the region. Still, the experience is anything but stifling. The location ticks many boxes on this list, with dining options including a rotation of food trucks and oysters, craft beer, and an expansive backyard where you can relax and sip among the vines. Weekends are a good time to check them out, especially Friday evenings when they stay open later. It all adds up to a recipe for a good crowd of people looking to have a good time without going through the odious. Its location at the western end of Long Island Wine Country makes it a great first or last stop on your visit. – Grant Parpan

When you don’t want crowds at all

McCall Wines and One Woman Wines and Vineyard When I tell people that my favorite places to taste wine are McCall and One Woman, they have one of two reactions. Group A is confused: these two vineyards barely have tasting rooms! But like Group B, if you know, you know. McCall and One Woman craft world-class wine and let you drink it in bucolic calm. At McCall’s, you can sample the state’s best pinot noir (according to the New York Wine Classic 2021) sitting at a picnic table under a cherry blossom tree and maybe munching on a burger made from the the vineyard’s own herd of pastures. Charolais. At One Woman, the reserve chardonnay is a succulent Burgundian dream, which you can enjoy at the bar in the small tasting hut or at a table overlooking the vineyards with a few friends – no party of more than six people is allowed. . No bus, no limousines, no problem. – Sara Austin

One Woman Winery and Vineyards’ little tasting hut in Southold. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

When you party

Sparkling tip If you have something to celebrate, is there anything more appropriate than sparkling? And if there is one vineyard that knows its sparks, it’s Sparkling Pointe. Their classic Method Champenoise goes into each bottle. At Southold’s tasting room, your glass (or two or three…) of bubbles will be accompanied by an endless view of the vines from the outdoor patio and a board of cold cuts and caviar. They also have a private tasting package for those extra celebrations for six to 20 of your closest friends and family. My favorite to open is their Topaz Imperial Brut Rosé 2018. It has a pretty pink hue with hints of strawberries, cherries and melon with a savory touch of biscotti. – Felicia LaLomia

When you want to bring your own food

Bridge Lane Tasting Room Tucked away under the trees of the Bridge Lane Wine tasting room in Mattituck are the perfect little tables just waiting for you to sip wine while you enjoy a picnic … with the food selection all yours. to choose. While the tasting room might initially feel like it’s not much, it’s actually very close to Love Lane, with take-out options like Lombardi’s Love Lane Market, Goodfood, and the Village Cheese Shop. However, I suggest doing even less: just walk across the street to Pizza Rita and grab a few pies to go. The pizza is some of the best you’ll have in North Fork (maybe ever ?!) and you can never go wrong with the pizza and the wine. – Michelina Da Fonte

A picnic at the Bridge Lane Tasting Room. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

When you want to bring your dog

Jason Vineyard Even if you’ve only been through Jason’s Vineyard in Jamesport, it’s easy to see that the winery is animal-friendly. The sheep and alpacas that live on the property can be seen from the road and signal that this is a fun place to taste wine. So it’s probably no surprise that Jason’s Vineyard not only welcomes dogs on the property, but encourages you to bring your four-legged friends. Sip cabernet sauvignon, merlot, malbec, chardonnay, cabernet franc and petit verdot while your dog enjoys the fresh air of this vibrant vineyard. – Grant Parpan

When you have a date

Kontokosta wine estate If you’re looking to impress someone, Kontokosta Winery in Greenport is a wealthy embarrassment. A set of double doors open to high ceilings and clean lines that accentuate the modern decor. You’ve left the rural setting of North Fork and are now immersed in the bright lights of a cosmopolitan gallery. The bay windows offer you an almost 360 ° view of your surroundings. It’s chic without being ostentatious. And on a hot summer day, the long walk through the field to the back leads you to arguably the best view of all of North Fork. From the top of the cliff, and with the slightest hint of a saltwater breeze, the breathtaking beauty of the Long Island Strait appears in full panoramic view. It is an oasis for any romantic with starry eyes. – Michael Versandi

Kontokosta transports you to the edge of Long Island Sound in Greenport. (Credit: Eric Striffler)

When you want to listen to live music

Dominion of Osprey Live music in the cellars is the epitome of summer for me. I wait for it all year round and plan my weekend schedules accordingly. But just as the ambiance of a restaurant adds to the enjoyment of your meal, the setting of a concert matters – that’s why my all-time favorite winery for listening to live music is Osprey’s Dominion at Peconic. . The stage is set in front of a vast open field, with rows of vines as a backdrop, adding a festival atmosphere to each performance. A conveniently placed outdoor gazebo bar lets you grab your next glass of wine without missing a beat. With plenty of room to move or dance, you never feel locked in, even as the crowd grows. And while you might not be so excited to see a constant stream of limousines and tour buses arriving at other wineries, in Osprey’s Dominion the almost constant parade of new faces just adds a new twist. energy to the audience and, by extension, to the performances. It’s a good time, guaranteed. – Michael Versandi

When you want to meet your winemaker

Chronicle Wines at Peconic Cellar Door and the Winemaker Studio hosted by Anthony Nappa Wines These two intimate tasting rooms, located next to each other in converted display cases at Peconic, make for a special experience. On any given weekend, it is very likely that the person pouring your wine is also the one who prepared it. In the case of Chronicle Wines, that means Robin Epperson-McCarthy, founder of Saltbird Cellars, and Alie Shaper, founder of As If Wines, Brooklyn Oenology and Haywater Cove. Next door, you might meet Anthony Nappa, who is the head winemaker at Raphael, but here serves his more personal and experimental wines – think pinot noir blanc, refosco or icewine – under the Anthony Nappa Wines labels and Shared Table Farm. This is no place for wine snobs; it’s a rare opportunity to ask questions and learn from winemakers (or knowledgeable staff) who have studied their craft across the world and love nothing more than to talk about it. I would call a visit here educational, but it’s way too much fun to feel like being in school. – Sara Austin

A selection of Wine Chronicles. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

When the weather outside is scary

Sherwood House Wineries For me, a trip to the vineyards is an outdoor activity – sunny and warm weather, an outdoor activity during the day. So what does someone like me do when the weather is less than desirable, but the lure of afternoon wine is too great to ignore? I grab my coat, gloves, and umbrella, and head to Sherwood House in Jamesport. From the second you open the doors, you are completely enveloped in the comfort of this intimate tasting room. You don’t feel like you’re outside. You feel right at home, that is, if you lived in the movie Hallmark Christmas, surrounded by leather sofas, roaring fireplaces and private nooks and crannies. Grab a glass of white Merlot, make yourself comfortable by the fireplace and take a seat. – Michael Versandi

The Sherwood House Vineyards tasting room has been designed for maximum comfort. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

When everything revolves around wine

Paumanok Vineyards The Paumanok tasting room at Aquebogue has an unpretentious vibe, housed in a renovated barn with an expansive deck and Adirondack chairs overlooking the vines. Who needs to dazzle when your wine is this good? Founded in the spring of 1983, Paumanok is a long-time Long Island Wine Country ambassador and an example of what it can be. It was named the state’s best winery in 2004, 2015, and again in 2021, winning awards for red, white and sparkling varieties. This is serious wine served without pretension, and a must visit for any wine lover visiting North Fork. – Sara Austin


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