Former OHIO artists featured in the “One in / and Seven” exhibition at the Majestic Galleries in Nelsonville


The Ohio University School of Art + Design and the Majestic Galleries of Nelsonville are pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition, “One in / and Seven,” from August 27 to September 17, which features new works by seven former artists. An opening reception will be held at the Nelsonville Finals on Friday, August 27, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Majestic Galleries, 20 Public Square, Nelsonville.

This group exhibit brings together seven adjunct faculty members at Ohio University who are also alumni of the School of Art + Design. Artists include Terry Kolb Davis, April Felipe, Cassidy Brauner Jarrahi, Mateo Galvano, Courtney Kessel, Elisa G. Smith, and Basil Masri Zada, who exhibit a wide range of media in photography, sculpture, installation, ceramics and drawing.

Throughout the history of the School of Art + Design, various alumni have returned to campus to serve OHIO critically – as educators, administrators, academics, guest artists, and more.

“The seven alumni of this exhibit are part-time employees of our school, but they have held (and continue to maintain) our school together over the many challenges we have faced as a community,” Julie Dummermuth, director of the School of Art + Design, said. “They have all given their best to our students and our program (as artists, academics, educators, administrators, recruiters, coordinators and technicians) and they have maintained our program flourishing in these uncertain times. ”

The opening hours of the Majestic Galleries are from noon to 5 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“I am deeply grateful to this incredible team of people and it is an extreme privilege for our school to present their creative research. Please join me in honoring them and thanking them for their extraordinary work, ”added Dummermuth.

Artist biographies:

Terry kolb davis was born and raised in America’s Heartland, a cultural region of the United States often associated with mainstream, conservative political and religious ideology. In 2020, Davis received an MFA in Printmaking from Ohio University and a Certificate in Visual Arts Management. He received his BFA from Southeast Missouri State University in 2017. Davis’s work as a fine artist challenges the structure of modern social concepts regarding gender roles, whiteness, and capitalism. His current work is a deconstruction of traditional American concepts defining performed male sex roles. Davis is currently employed at the College of Visual Art and Design at the University of North Texas as an Assistant Instructor for the Printmaking Department.

April Felipe was born in Queens, New York. As an American of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, her work explores the complexities of navigating personal and cultural histories in the service of building her identity. Through the layering of materials and historical motifs, found and invented, Felipe’s work explores this narrative and the constructed nature of the past to reveal our desire to belong. She received her BFA from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and her MFA from Ohio University. Felipe is the co-founder / organizer of The Color She moved to Albany, Ohio, with a home studio.

Cassidy Brauner JarrahiThe research and work of focuses on vernacular and less regarded, historically significant images, objects and stories – pushing aside singular definitions of reality by unpacking the staff alongside the public and the shared. She explores these themes through photography, video, performance and mixed media / text. She received her BA from Otterbein University in Artistic Photography and Visual Communication with a minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies in 2014 and her MA from Ohio University in Photography + Media. integrated in 2018. She is currently Interim President and Visiting Professor of Integrated Photography + Media at Ohio University.

Mateo galvano uses painting, drawing, sculpture, digital arts, moving image, sound and installation to foment conceptual themes that inform the images and objects he creates. In her work, the landscape reveals a state of deterioration and regeneration, which parallels the traumatized body seeking healing. Galvano’s work is included in private collections internationally. His collaborative multimedia installation project, entitled Gap, with C. David Russell, is on display at the Kennedy Museum of Art, from August 20, 2021 to March 6, 2022. Galvano is a speaker in foundations and in connection with recruitment and retention at the School of Art + Design. He obtained his BFA in Studio Art in 2009, MFA in Painting + Drawing in 2014, and his Certificate of Museum Studies in 2015, all from Ohio University.

Courtney kessel is an artist, scholar, mother and arts administrator who has exhibited internationally and has worked for the OHIO since 2010. Over the past decade, her works have balanced the personal and the political by placing the complex subjectivities of the maternity in the gallery. Kessel works with sculpture, installation, performance, video and photography. She is currently Deputy Director of Experiential Design and Chair of the Visiting Artists and Researchers Committee. She is a doctoral student. Candidate in Interdisciplinary Arts (expected in 2025) and received her Masters in Sculpture + Extended Practices in 2012 from Ohio University, with a certificate in Women’s Sexuality and Gender Studies. She obtained her BFA in 1998 at the Tyler School of Art.

Elisa G. Smith is an artist, curator, space animator and educator, in a non-hierarchical order. Her work began using photography, video, installation, and performance to examine the internal structures of memory, process, and storytelling. By working collaboratively with artists in alternative spaces, her work has evolved into a practice of community building and examining the intricacies, histories and personal narratives of women’s work. Smith received a BA in Photography from Ohio University in 2009 and an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from the University of Pennsylvania in 2013. His projects have been exhibited in the Netherlands, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Ohio and Philadelphia. She is currently Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Columbus Printed Arts Center, is a guest artist in Photography + Integrated Media at OHIO, and mother of her young son.

Basil Masri Zada is a Syrian artist, political activist, Fulbright alumnus, scholar, educator, curator, and scholar, and currently lives in the United States. Zada was born in Damascus, the capital of Syria, a country in the Middle East which has been in long-term conflict / crisis since 2011. Zada ​​is currently a doctoral student. candidate and instructor at Ohio University. Zada’s current research and artistic practice interests focus on the study of art, life and political activism as reflected in Syrian arts during the Syrian crisis, which has started in 2011 and is continuing. He holds a doctorate. candidate in interdisciplinary arts, performance studies and visual arts at Ohio University (expected in 2022); received graduate certificates in Museum Studies, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and African Studies in 2016; received her MFA from Ohio University in Sculpture and Extended Practices in 2014; and his bachelor’s degree in sculpture from the University of Damascus in 2007.

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