Hogwarts House Shirts, New Chicken Restaurant, Construction Updates & More: Universal Studios Hollywood Photo Essay 3/31/22


Calm on set; we are ready to roll! We headed to Universal Studios Hollywood today to check out the many construction projects going on in the park and see what else we could find to dazzle and delight. So come see everything we found at Universal Studios Hollywood in today’s photo essay.

Before we even left the parking lot, we were already checking in on updates to one of the many construction sites around the park. This house, likely for Halloween Horror Nights, is being built on the outdoor lot of the Curious George structure.

It is unknown which maze this is, but it appears to be a classic house-style facade.

From here, on the structure, one has an impressive view of the valley.

We can see major construction going on at the end of the Universal Studios lot, with these four new buildings.

And we also get fantastic views of the backlot sets from above.

City walk

Construction of Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen is progressing, with a lot of trenching work going on up front.

Voodoo Donut offers cute oversized donuts for spring.

A new chicken restaurant, Chick Chick Chicken, was holding its soft opening today. We did, however, stop by the next day when it was open to the public to try it out for ourselves. The Asian chicken sandwich, seen below, was just too good not to take a closer look.

Ok, it’s time to go to the park. Let’s go!

Top lot

We found Universal Studios branded apparel in the park today, including the shirts above and below. You can see everything we found here.

Entering the wizarding world of Harry Potter, we found ourselves in the market for a little magic.

Ollivanders is the very last word in the wands, and this young witch seems to have found her match.

In Filch’s Emporium, we’ve discovered new Hogwarts House Banner Flags that highlight each House’s personality traits.

And we’ve also found shirts that feature the house traits as well. The black shirt with colored writing, as seen above, is the youth shirt and the colored shirt with white writing, as seen below, is for adults. Take a look at all the house models here.

The Simpsons Ride has reopened after its renovation and looks better than ever.

Lower lot

From the StarWay we can check the progress of the construction of Super Nintendo World.

Things seem to be moving fast and there is always a rush of activity every time we stop to check in.

Our view of the StarWay also gives us a look at the construction of the HHN maze that takes place just behind Revenge of the Mummy – The Ride.

The facade is already assembled.

And the back of the maze clearly shows the switchback layout that guests will walk through.

After teaming up with Optimus Prime to meet guests together for a few days, Bumblebee is back here to greet his own solo guests.

We also noticed that it might be time for Transformers the Ride – 3D to get some TLC. The facade is really faded and has seen better days. With so many people about to flood the park for the summer, now would have been a good time to do a touch-up. Too bad.

We always want to show our support for the Autobots and this new NEST t-shirt is the perfect way to do it. Take a closer look here.

Thanks for riding with us on our photo op from Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s a wrap!


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