ICP’s Latest Photo Exhibition Focuses On The Inner Lives Of Black Artists Through The Lens Of An iPhone


There was a time when taking photographs, not to mention creating high-quality photographic artwork, meant carrying heavy bags of equipment and delicate rolls of film. But the technological innovations of the last decade have ensured that most of us not only get the chance to capture footage on a whim, we actually walk around with incredibly powerful cameras in our pockets at all times. moment, thanks to our Phone (s. In a new exhibition, the International Center of Photography (ICP) explores this technology and the resulting democratization of image creation, celebrating five emerging black artists who have made photos exploring their inner life using iPhones.

Entitled “INWARD: Reflections on Interiority”, the exhibition, which opens to the public today, was curated by the general curator of the ICP, Isolde Brielmaier, and presents new works commissioned by Djeneba Aduayom, Arielle Bobb -Willis, Quil Lemons, Brad Ogbonna, and Isaac West, who all made their debut at the museum with.

Djeneba Aduayom

isaac west photography

Isaac West

“The five artists featured in INWARD provide a stimulating window into their inner life,” Brielmaier explained. “The revealing new photographs explore intimate thoughts and personal relationships with great honesty, as the artists delve deeply into the new reality and challenges of our contemporary lives in an era of global introspection.”

From queer identity to cultural history, romance, acceptance, loneliness and belonging, artists explore the intricate nuances of what constitutes self through movement, color and light. in a unique, yet compelling way, fusing a timeless medium with modern tools.

brad ogbonna photography

Brad Ogbonna

lemons photograph he

Quil Lemons

arielle bobbwillis photography

Arielle Bobb Willis

Additionally, as part of exploring the exhibit on using the iPhone in the context of fine art, one of the artists, Quil Lemons, got early access to the new iPhone 13 (which also debuts today) featuring Apple’s most advanced iPhone camera. yet, which he used to make a short film inspired by his work for INWARD. Watch the full video at the top of this page.

INWARD: Reflections on Interiority will be on view from September 24, 2021 to January 10, 2022 at the ICP Museum at 79 Essex Street, New York, NY.

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