Iris photography: could this be your niche?


With an ever-growing range of new photo studios, how do you build an income while creating a niche for your business? Have you thought about iris photography?

Elias Branch is one of those entrepreneurial photographers who have done just that. He recently spoke to Fstoppers about the origin of the idea, the process involved, and his new course, which teaches you everything you need to know about iris photography and creating your own niche.

Elias has always been interested in nature photography and, in particular, macro photography, where the smallest details are involved. With 13 years of experience in multimedia and graphic design, he decided to take the plunge and combine these disciplines to create his own iris photography business.

What is iris photography?

Iris photography combines macro, fine art and commercial photography to produce stunning, high quality and unique photographs. Because each human eye is different, carrying characteristics unique to that person, it is not something that can be replicated. However, it is something that will intrigue the viewer and become a timeless work of art.

As the images above show, the results can be jaw-dropping, and with the detail of the iris itself, you can’t help but be captivated and drawn to it. This is how your customers will feel.

What process is involved?

Normally for Elias, his clients attend the session as a couple, because they are his largest clientele. He tells them about the process involved and with them discovers their left and right eye in order to choose which eye would look best in the image. Yes, even the left and right irises are not the same.

It is a privileged and personal moment for my clients, and I like to put them at ease during the whole session.

After talking to Elias for a long time about his business and practice, I can see that he would have no problem doing this as he is a very humble man but with a sincere passion for iris photography. During the interview he went deeper into the details of what you can say about eye health, how each eye is different, and what you can learn from them.

Typically, each session for a couple lasts about an hour and then they spend time cleaning up photos using Photoshop and producing high quality final images.

“Nature is its own beauty,” he said, “and being able to capture that in detail and produce images of it, create individual works of art in Photoshop and see the customer’s reaction. is a big part of the whole process. “

100% of Elias’ business is iris photography, and to do this, he produces high quality images, examples of which you can see in this article and on his website. He told me that he worked one day a week photographing with clients and then spent the other days creating the illustrations for them. This is something to think about if you value your time while creating less paperwork for yourself, while still creating a good income.

Who is the course for?

The course is for everyone, whether you are trying to create a new niche for your photography and create new sources of income, or looking to leverage what you currently have. The course will allow you to experience the process of creating these unique works of art. Maybe no one else in your area is creating this type of imagery, so it would be safe to become the first in your area. The pandemic has changed all of our lives and so we need to create that momentum that drives change and propels us forward in our businesses.

What do you learn in the course?

Elias’ downloadable course has everything you need to know about starting your own iris photography business and is filled with his own experiences to get you up and running in no time and help you better understand everything. regarding the business.

  • Complete list of equipment
  • How and where to set up an iris photography studio
  • Equipment settings and configuration
  • How to shoot and solve problems during filming
  • Post-production of works of art
  • Company overview

Who are your potential customers?

90% of Elias clients are couples who want a very personal symbolic image in the form of shock (two irises colliding), which represents a “symbol of love, unity and worlds coming together” .

Iris family portraits also offer this unique style of imagery. Wedding cards and invitations once again offer the individual approach, as do gift certificates for friends and family.

Due to the individual nature of the images, you can probably tell that customer retention isn’t really going to be a thing. The flip side, however, is once again the uniqueness of the images and the art form, which attracts new customers. This type of image is so distinctive that it appeals to everyone and people want there to be a brand in their home. It is a work of art that can never be repeated. If you think about it, even if you were to only produce the couple clash footage like Elias does, no image would be the same. The format and editing could be the same, but the images always remain non-reproducible.

Producing this type of artwork to a high standard and offering it in various formats, such as prints, framed prints in various sizes, digital copies, business cards and canvases means you can set the price. Consequently.

Another outlet for iris photography is event photography. This one puzzled me a little and I was eager to know more, because I did not understand how one could produce this type of images during an event. Elias then explained the setup and gave examples of weddings, where guests could have smaller photos of their irises taken. This created another talking point for the guests and allowed them to take a memento of the day as well as some keepsakes.


There is no time like the present to move forward with your business ideas. Iris photography is gaining momentum in Europe and smaller chains have moved to the United States. So, maybe this is something you would like to add to your studio repertoire or something unique to use to start your own business. Elias created this course for you to do just that. As I mentioned, he is a humble man and not a salesman. He simply has such a passion for iris photography that he wants to share it through this course for you to start creating unique works of art for your clients.

For the first five people who register for the course, Elias very kindly offered a 50% discount. So if you’re interested in learning more about the processes involved, from filming to post-production and beyond, you can find more information here. Don’t forget to mention Fstoppers when applying, and if you are in the lucky top five, you’ll get a 50% discount.


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