MCI Alumni Weekend returns on August 6 and 7


MCI Meeting Classes 0 and 5 are presented inside the Trustee Student Center. Contribution photo

PITTSFIELD – For Maine Central Institute alumni, the first weekend in August is a time of celebration. A time when they can return to the 23-acre campus that means so much to them, connect with old friends they may not have seen in years, build new relationships with alumni of other graduating classes and share their stories.

Like so many events last year, COVID-19 threw a wrench in a weekend celebration for those who graduated in 1960 or 1970, to those celebrating their fifth-grade reunion after graduating. their diploma in 2015.

From left to right, MCI Darrell Goodridge ’70, James Christie ’85 and Dennis Goodridge ’70 in front of Founders Hall on Boutelle Savage’s lawn during the 2015 Summer Reunion. Contribution photo

Alumni Association executive committee members Milton Webber (class of 71) and Bill Cunningham (class of 70) have decided not to dwell on the woes of the past year and make the weekend alumni of this year, August 6 and 7, bigger and better than ever. . This year, instead of celebrating the reunion of classes ending in “6” and “1”, MCI Alumni Weekend will also be celebrating those ending in “5” and “0”.

“Rather than letting COVID-19 seize another opportunity on our part, we decided to create something even more special for this year’s MCI reunion weekend,” Cunningham said, according to a press release. by MCI. “It’s always important to MCI alumni, but this year we’re honoring twice as many high school graduates as usual, and it couldn’t have been better. I know many of our alumni have spent the past year locked in their homes, with little in-person interaction with family, co-workers and friends, and that’s a shame. This weekend, however, as we adhere to health and safety guidelines, our alumni will have the opportunity to socialize with each other, and we are all excited to return to campus and see each other, many for the first time in a very long time. “

MCI alumni Milton Webber ’71, left, and Ralph Damren ’64 at the 2015 MCI summer reunion. Contribution photo

While the executive committee managed to run Alumni Association Zoom quiz evenings and Zoom meetings throughout the winter, they discovered that nothing could replace the face-to-face interaction over the weekend. -end of former students.

“By doubling the honored classes, we are having double the number of class parties on Saturday August 7, which means that alumni have twice as many opportunities to meet their own classmates, as well as those from the classes of graduating neighbors, ”Webber said. “While most of the alumni did not return to campus, or maybe Pittsfield, during the pandemic, I know some old friends who have not returned since graduating 50 years ago. . Much has changed at MCI and within the city, and one thing is certain: this will definitely be an alumni reunion weekend to be remembered.

MCI meeting lunch on the lawn of the Boutelle Savage on the MCI campus in Pittsfield. Contribution photo

In addition to the expanded celebration, MCI inducts two new recipients into its Hall of Fame on Friday August 6: Andi Vigue (Class of 89), President and CEO of Cianbro Corporation, and Ed Miller, who taught math. at MCI from 1983 to 2019 and received the Faculty Chair in 2003.

For more information on MCI Alumni Weekend, call 207-487-5915.

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