New Sparks Photo Theories About Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ MCU Return


The MCU is getting more expansive than ever during Phase 4, finally including characters who were first seen in Marvel TV’s old Netflix shows a few years ago. During the same week, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil had a memorable scene in Spider-Man: No Coming Home while Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin turned out to be the big bad of Hawk Eye in episodes 5 and 6. Now, the next in line could potentially be Netflix’s biggest power couple: Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

While it remains a mystery if these two heroes’ solo shows will be revived and made canon within the MCU, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige used his classic catchphrase “never say never” when asked about the possibility in early 2021. Additionally, given that fans enjoyed seeing Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter’s portrayal of both characters, their potential inclusion in the MCU canon cannot not be left out.


In March 2022, Ritter even fueled theories about a potential return to her role as Jessica Jones by sharing footage of herself wearing an awfully Jessica Jones ensemble for an undisclosed reason.

Now she’s been brought to social media again with another image that’s already sparking new ideas about a potential comeback three years after her last appearance on Netflix.

Actress Jessica Jones Keeps MCU Rumors Afloat


Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter took to her Instagram Stories to share a selfie of herself and Luke Cage star Mike Colter, sparking ideas about a potential reunion in a future MCU project.


Krysten Ritter's Instagram

This image sparked intense discourse on Twitter and Reddit from fans theorizing what the two could do together.

@Pollos_Hernandy shared the image on Twitter and urged fans to open their eyes to the subject with the caption “EVERYBODY WAKE UP-.

@BuhardiMarvel used the characters of the two actors in a caption with the image, expressing hope that they will both reprise their roles in the MCU:


“Jessica Jones uploaded a photo with Luke Ca… Sorry, Krysten Ritter uploaded a photo with Mike Colter. It’s worth the dream. Hope they both come back”

@MacaMaida93 asked if it was a dream come true with the two actors in the same photo. The post also included the classic Charlie Day Investigative Committee meme from Philadelphia is always sunny with a banner for Alias ​​Investigation of the Jessica Jones series while asking what’s fuzzy on Ritter’s shirt:

“Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter

Do my dreams come true and RETURN?


@bxrzrxk noted how the Echo series is currently filming, sharing the image of Ritter and Colter with the caption “I feel that little things are going to happen in Echo”

Several comments also appeared on a Reddit page featuring the photo as fans watched what could happen with Ritter and Colter.


User u/Rotasevian used Jeremy Renner’s memorable line from his first scene in 2019 Avengers: Endgamebegging Marvel with “Don’t do this…don’t give me hope.”

u/Nahim33 pointed to the fuzzy pink sticker on Ritter’s shirt, vehemently asking what the actress should be hiding in the image:

“Why did she blur that sticker? What are you hiding Krysten?????”

u/Nahim33 was pretty sure Ritter was shooting new material for the upcoming Echo series, hinting that Colter might do the same as well.


“pretty certain she’s shooting for Echo rn.”

When will Jessica Jones and Luke Cage return?

Now that the six series making up the Defenders saga are all on Disney+, fans eagerly await the day when the main cast of these shows all find their way into MCU history alongside the Avengers. After Cox and D’Onofrio kicked off this transition late last year, all signs point to Ritter and Colter likely being next in line for the accolade.

Some fans have speculated that Ritter will come into play as early as August with the debut of She-Hulk, allowing private investigator Jessica to interact with one or two of the MCU’s most prominent superhero lawyers. Add a potential reunion with Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and maybe Colter’s Luke Cage in the next one Echo series, and the excitement is only building for shows like these to come to Disney+.

While nothing is confirmed yet for Jessica Jones or Luke Cage in the MCU, footage like this only brings to life more theories and ideas of where they might enter the fray and take over. their heroic roles. For now, however, fans can only wait to find out more official information on this as Phase 4 continues to move forward.


Echo is currently filming ahead of its slated 2023 release on Disney+. Meanwhile, She-Hulk begins streaming August 17.


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