New store at Northwoods Mall in Peoria includes men’s clothing store


PEORIA – In about a month, a western LaSalle County-based men’s clothing store won’t be unheard of in Peoria.

The secret of this guy is due to open on November 1 at Northwoods Shopping Center. This will be the second owner of such a store, Jeremy Reed, to open.

Reed’s business debuted in 2017 in downtown LaSalle, approximately 70 miles north of Peoria. Among other items, the store offers men’s and casual wear, golf wear and accessories including belts, hats, scarves and sunglasses.

The emphasis is on casual work wear, according to Reed.

“I think it’s more consistent with modern man,” he said. “The demographic we’re targeting is the everyday guy who might need cute t-shirts, but they might also need a suit and tie.”

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Originally working in radio marketing, Reed created That Guy’s Secret out of necessity, he said. The Peruvian resident found himself traveling to major metropolitan areas to find suitable clothing.

“It was sort of me who opened the store,” said Reed, who noted an abundance of women’s boutiques in LaSalle-Peru. “I feel like I’m not the only person looking for a place to shop.”

Reed is from the village of Tiskilwa in southern Bureau County. Childhood memories of trips to Peoria to shop in Northwoods helped him return as an adult looking to expand his business.

“Northwoods is a good mix of centrally located stores,” Reed said of his upcoming second location. “Being able to come here is pretty cool, because it has stood the test of time.”

That Guy’s Secret also offers membership plans where store staff interview customers and select clothing and other items for them each month for a fixed price. These merchandise are packaged and can be shipped to customers or picked up at the store.

Reed’s business will be the only full-line menswear manufacturer in Northwoods. A former men’s clothing store, Bachrach’s, closed years ago.

That Guy’s Secret is one of three stores that will open in the coming months in Northwoods. Anay’s salon opened on Friday. The full-service salon caters to both men and women. Bella Rose Studio, a photography company, will open in early October.

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The new additions complement at least five other Northwoods stores that opened in 2021.

Regional chains that have established outlets in Northwoods include Creativ Perfumes and The Purse Bar, which specializes in handbags.

Local businesses include In and Out, a place for local artisans; Normandy’s Boutique, which offers formal wear for women; and Zone II, a branch of a Beijing store which sells collectibles, comics and toys.

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