ShootProof launches print shop; Offer new revenue channels to photographers and facilitate the purchase of their clients


ShootProof Photographers now have a one-click portal for their clients to design photo gifts, simplifying the process and creating tangible memories for their clients’ special moments.

Posted: October 18, 2021 at 7:01 a.m. CDT|Update: 3 hours ago

ATLANTA, October 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Designed with the creator in mind, ShootProof launched Printing, which allows professional photographers to continue to guide their clients’ photo journey, from digital to photo gifts such as pillows, blankets, canvases and mugs, to printed photos, framed prints, cards, and more. The seamless interface with Print Store opens up new revenue streams for hundreds of thousands of small business photographers while fostering an ongoing connection with their customers.

ShootProof launches print shop; Offer new revenue channels to photographers and facilitate the purchase of their clients

ShootProof is an all-in-one photographers platform providing online galleries, invoices, contracts, lab orders, and digital downloads to millions of photographic clients. Typically, when a photo client receives digital files from a photographer, they go through a process of multiple uploads and uploads to third party sites to convert those photos into personalized prints and keepsakes. With Print Store, the ShootProof Gallery seamlessly integrates photos with a full suite of design tools – powered by technology – making it easy to create personalized products with just a few clicks. Thanks to the integration, photographers automatically earn 20% on orders from their professional galleries.

“In a survey of professional photographers, 91% said they believed their clients were printing photos outside of their departments. Product manager, Rachel LaCour Niesen.

On the consumer side, according to a recent survey of client photographers, 89% want their photographers to provide them with a solution to easily turn their photos into souvenirs and gifts. This opens up a whole new revenue channel for professional photographers. “It really is a turnkey win-win service that benefits all parties. The Print Shop allows photographers to literally make money while they sleep, providing significant opportunities as the holiday gift season approaches ”adds The Niesen Court.

The launch of Print Store is a natural evolution of the recent merger of ShootProof and the e-commerce site into a symbiotic marketplace under the name and management team of Foreground. Using technology and consumer insights from across their product line, Foreground streamlines the connection between photographers and photo consumers to create personalized souvenir products with the click of a button.

“We provide the tools for photographers and their customers to enjoy a top-notch shopping experience informed by over 80 million buyers,” said Stephen marshall, Leading CEO. “By unleashing the synergies between ShootProof and, the launch of Print Store is the first of many Foreground innovations that underscores our mission: to preserve life’s precious moments and turn them into lasting memories.”

About the foreground

The foreground preserves life’s precious moments and turns them into lasting memories. The company is strategically placed in the $ 10.9 billion space for consumer products and professional photography by bringing together industry veterans and technology leaders in the category. The company brings the expertise of leading brands such as ShootProof, Collage, Táve, Design Aglow and Cole’s Classroom to create a suite of innovative products. Foreground is proud to offer multiple remote and work from home options to all of its employees. For more information on the foreground, visit

About ShootProof

ShootProof is a leading provider of online gallery software, sales and business management tools for professional and semi-professional photographers around the world. The user-friendly platform allows photographers to share and sell their photos in customizable galleries and apps, and deliver a better customer experience with digital downloads, proofing, printing, and more. ShootProof serves hundreds of thousands of photographers in 38 countries.

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