Studio K exhibition will feature works by naturalist photographer Rick Rasmussen | Local news from the Big Island


Works by central Nebraska naturalist photographer Rick Rasmussen will be on display at Studio K Art Gallery until the end of December.

A first Friday opening reception is scheduled from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm on Friday, December 3 at the gallery, 112 W. Third.

As a nature and wildlife photographer, Rasmussen hunts his images by pre-visualizing what he wants to capture. If he photographs landscapes, he will find a place and spend several days waiting for the right conditions to come together. When photographing wildlife, he sets up blinds based on the direction of light, background, and subjects’ habits and patterns, and spends hours waiting for the shot with minimal disturbance to his subjects. .

Rick rasmussen

Rasmussen has been an avid nature and wildlife photographer since his early days in high school. Recipient of numerous awards, including two international awards in Nature’s Best magazine, his images demonstrate his enthusiasm and appreciation for nature. Her images not only capture the beauty of nature, but they are an important symbol of her commitment to its preservation.

His photos have appeared in NEBRASKAland, Nebraska Life, Wyoming Wildlife, Nature’s Best, and Ducks Unlimited.

He has traveled to Alaska, South America, Antarctica, Iceland, Norway and many parts of the United States, but says his favorite place to photograph is central Nebraska, where he lives over an area the along the Platte river valley.

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