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Photography by Jereme Aubertin, Bryce Wilson and CPL

Of course we could have a session after work during the week, usually a race against the setting sun or a fight with the afternoon sea breeze. Not many people can drop the tools and rush off to surf in a heartbeat, so in general weekends are a big hit when it comes to surfing. Everyone wants to make the most of that free time, find some decent waves, and fill their boots. We want to hear from our surf community, how was your session? What were the waves like, how was the crowd, did you have any fun ones or what?

Jess Lowcher – Omanu, Mount Maunganui, July 16, 2022

“The weekend is freedom. It’s your extra large portion of surf-as-as-you-want without the greasy side of back-to-work guilt. In an ideal world we would go out of town on the weekends to hunt for something a little classier than what the Mount is known for BUT in reality a normal weekend involves crawling over everything in front for a few hours, followed by a huge lunchtime breakfast. The conditions during this session were – well, you know that hilarious, sad situation where there’s actually a little chest-deep wave to ride and it’s glassy, ​​but the sandbars with the tide don’t l simply don’t and you end up desperately trying to peel off the odd shoulder in an otherwise closed sandbar sandwich? Yes, it was that session.

Omanu, greeting Jess and her husband Chris early Saturday morning. Photo: Aubertin

“Chris released his new twin fin on his pristine journey. I started on the longboard but eventually migrated to the fish, a board I’m much more willing to get slammed on the sand with. The crowd factor was 2/10, but given that we were all sitting in the same three meter stretch looking for the shoulder that passed every twenty odd minutes, it quickly dropped to 5/10. Saw one of the locals in Omanu mark a nice little sandbar shampoo. We actually ended up rowing about half an hour later on our logs and had a lot more fun once the tide receded a little, scoring a few long parers.

Jess with his log and Chris are loving these new board sensations! Photo: Aubertin

Luckily the crowd level was low. Photo: Aubertin

Jess manages to find a runner at the end while said Omanu local goes for the crisp dive in the head. Photos: Aubertin

Luke Grubb – Piha, July 23, 2022

“I ended up surfing locally last weekend. The waves were high and clean, fairly fast little hollow runners with an odd corner at the end of the tops. I was out of the water with a nasty MCL tear in my knee, so this ‘paddle’ made me question my fitness and ability to catch a wave. I couldn’t wait to get my new 6’3″ QB out for his maiden voyage which seemed like the logical choice for my much neglected quiver. I was still skeptical after four months without surfing, but getting on a step up board has helped me feel a little better about my paddling fitness.

Luke Moss on his new Quarry Beach 6’3 step up. Photo: CPL

“At the beginning, I was with another surfer but when the sun came over the hill and hit the water, it obviously looked much more inviting to the people standing in the wind-chilled sand dunes, arguing over the surf. They ended up joining as well, there’s always been a friendly crowd there (especially for a Dunedin hit like me) so it was good to catch up with the crew and catch up on the last four months of surf. ‘d failed.

You look pretty good from home, get out! Photo: Wilson

Who wouldn’t be happy with that on a Saturday? Photo: Wilson

“I’ve seen a few surfers take fun little tubes, but the highlight for me was being back in the water, trying to shoot mostly impossible to make tubes. Got a message the next day from a couple of old friends from Dunedin who were staying in town. I ended up borrowing one of their mid lengths and had a super fun session with them in the pouring rain and howling wind. These conditions brought me straight back to the deep south, except that I’m not completely covered in rubber and I can feel my board under my feet!

Banks look fun! Luke entering a hollow slightly to the right. Photos: Wilson on the left, CPL on the right.

Here is the regional forecast for the weekend: Northland East | West Auckland | Raglan | Taranaki | Coromandel | Bay of Abundance | Gisborne | Hawkes Bay | Christchurch | Dunedin


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