The Sophie’s Artist Lounge moves to the new building 3333 in Grand Center on October 1st


The Kranzberg Arts FoundationGrand Center’s footprint continues to expand. The latest addition: a mixed-use development at 3333 Washington Avenue, known simply as Building 3333. The resort slowly opened earlier this month; the official opening is October 1.

“We will celebrate this week by launching our first Friday art walk in the Greater Center Arts District and our first public opening of our new exhibit, ‘FLY O’ER’,” said Chris Hansen, Executive Director of Kranzberg Arts. Foundation. “We will be featuring our resident DJs all week. We’ve got a whole weekend of visual arts, the best DJs in our market, storytelling, an amazing cocktail program, and awesome stuff ready to host people throughout the weekend.

The 36,000-square-foot, two-story building will include both commercial and creative use spaces, including the recently relocated Sophie’s Artist Fair, Saint Louis Fashion Fund, and St. Louis Shakespeare Festivalthe offices of. Other occupants include Open studio, Mike Martin Media, Convene Event Space, Mark Buckheit Framing and Paige Avenue Photography, as well as an art studio and stage shop for construction sets.

“It’s a building that helps keep the momentum of our neighborhood by providing new benefits to the community, attracting jobs and small businesses, bringing together the creative industries and the arts industry to show that we don’t. We are not only a force for development, but also a place where people can come to celebrate public art and enjoy the best that our market has to offer, ”said Hansen.

Sophie’s Artist Lounge, which has moved from its original location to the second floor of the .ZACK building, will continue to offer a creative cocktail-focused menu with sommelier-selected wines, a bubble list and local drinks, as well as a gourmet bar. snacks. Groups of four or more can reserve lounge sections and share an array of dips, platters and party platters, as well as bottled and decanter cocktail service. The show will be open from 5 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Wednesday to Saturday.

Sophie’s gallery will also rotate exhibitions, guided and curated by Gina Grafos and Mary Ann Srenco. The inaugural exhibition, FLY O’ER, aims to amplify “the regional artists of Saint-Louis who continue to elevate and redefine the visual arts in an expansive way, modifying and questioning the idea that Saint-Louis is just another city” overflown ” .

“St. Louis hasn’t seen a show like this yet,” said Hansen. “It’s a high fidelity audiovisual experience for our great storytellers to really give people a real listening experience. We have raised street art artists and murals in this beautiful gallery that connects not only to Sophie’s living room, but also to our common hallways throughout the building. So, for artists, it’s another platform to elevate their careers and connect with their audiences.

Since its founding in 2006, the Kranzberg Arts Foundation has been committed to providing local and emerging artists, as well as community arts organizations, the space, tools and opportunities to showcase their work in the greater St. Louis. The foundation aims to develop artistic places, workspaces, residences and community programming.

“We are delighted to add 3333 to the growing family of Kranzberg Arts Foundation spaces as we continue to invest in the arts economy of St. Louis,” said Chris Hansen, Executive Director of the Kranzberg Arts Foundation . “The arts and artists are essential to the overall economic success of our region and, with the right places and the right tools, they will continue to grow. Today more than ever, the arts are alive in Saint-Louis.

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