Turkey’s biggest photography event kicks off ‘BursaFotoFest’

Turkey’s biggest photography event, bursafotofest, begins

The Bursa International Photography Festival (BursaFotoFest), organized with the cooperation of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the Bursa City Council and the Bursa Photography Art Association (BUFSAD) with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has opened for the 19th time from November 28-11 this year, with the theme ‘Eye to Eye’. It hurts. The guest country of the festival will be Azerbaijan.

BursaFotoFest, which showed the success of being Turkey’s first virtual photography festival by being held in a digital environment last year due to the pandemic, once again brings together photography enthusiasts face to face in Bursa with the “Eye to Eye” theme after a one-year hiatus. Bringing together many photographers from Turkey and around the world every year, BursaFotoFest starts on November 19 with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. As part of the festival, which will last until November 28, many side events such as performances, artist talks, master interviews, documentary film screenings and portfolio reviews will be organized as well as exhibitions. . The BursaFotoFest will take place like every year at the exhibition grounds of the Atatürk Congress Cultural Center.

12 photographers from 262 countries

BursaPhotoFest 2021, hosted by Kamil Fırat of the Photography Department of Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, will take place in 12 countries, including the United States, Azerbaijan, England, Iran, Mexico, Kosovo, the Netherlands, India, Russia, Bangladesh, Chile and Turkey. 262 photographers are participating. More than 200 photographs will be presented in 3000 exhibitions. Exhibitions will meet photography enthusiasts in dedicated spaces that will be set up at the Merinos AKKM Fairground.

As part of the festival, many side events such as performances, artist lectures, master interviews, documentary film screenings and portfolio reviews will be organized.

While prominent names such as National Geographic photographer Rena Effendi from Azerbaijan, Vanessa Winship from England, Gala Phenia from Mexico and Jetmir Idrizi from Kosovo took part in the festival, masters such as İbrahim Zaman, Mustafa Seven and Kemal Cengizkan from Turkey are in Bursa. will meet photography enthusiasts.

Guest country “Azerbaijan”

BursaFotoFest, which is one of the world’s leading photography festivals and hosted “People’s Republic of China” in 2017, “India” in 2018 and Russia as a guest country in 2019, invites Azerbaijan to as a “guest country” this year. In this context, the exhibition of 34 photographers from the Create Contemporary Art Platform and the Union of Azerbaijani Photographers will take place at BursaFotoFest.

From Turkey, Ankara, Antalya, Aydın, Balıkesir, Bayburt, Diyarbakır, Erzincan, Erzurum, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Hakkari, Hatay, Iğdır, İstanbul, İzmir, Kocaeseli, Malatya, Mersin, Muş, Trazurum from Zizonguld and photograph exhibitions.

The much anticipated BursaFotoFest introductory meeting among photography enthusiasts was held at Merinos Muradiye Hall. In addition to the Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, the chairman of the city council of Bursa Şevket Orhan, the curator of PhotoFest Mimar Sinan, the lecturer of the photography department of the University of Fine Arts, Kamil Fırat and the president of the Bursa Photography Art Association, Serpil Savaş, attended the meeting.

“PhotoFest is the common value of Bursa”

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that for a city to be known, it would have to host marquee events. Stating that FotoFest is such a gathering, President Alinur Aktaş said they are working to raise the bar even higher. Expressing that Bursa is a city where all cultures come together, Mayor Aktaş said: “Bursa will be the cultural capital of the Turkish world next year. The second Korkut Ata Turkish World Film Festival will be held in Bursa next year. We want to increase such events. The BursaPhotoFest, which has been held for the 11th time this year, should be evaluated in this context. Due to the pandemic, we did it digitally last year, but we still haven’t taken a break. But it is very precious and precious to face it face to face. The theme of FotoFest this year was “Eye to Eye”. Eye to eye is the equivalent of the most natural way to communicate. Eye contact is an interaction, being able to touch each other at a glance, in other words, meeting. “Every meeting makes the world a better place and brings down the walls of prejudice,” he said.

Recalling that the guest country this year is Azerbaijan, the friend and brother country, which is one of the countries that can be identified with the same eye, President Aktaş said that the anniversary of the victory of Karabakh has been celebrated with various organizations in Bursa. Stating that there are over 200 responses to “eyes” in Azerbaijani Turkish, President Aktaş said:. Volunteers, in particular BUFSAD, Bursa City Council Youth Assembly, Bursa City Council Photography Working Group and community members from schools and universities will participate in BursaPhotoFest 2021. FotoFest is the value municipality of Bursa. In recent years, serious work has been done on photography. I want to thank everyone who has contributed, ”he said.

Bursa MP Atilla Ödünç said he was proud that the adventure started 11 years ago is continuing as an international festival. Thanking those who have contributed, especially the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktaş, Ödünç explained that there are many places to photograph in Bursa and said that people who are interested in photography have important duties in that Sens.
Bursa City Council Chairman Şevket Orhan said they were very happy to host the Bursa International Photography Festival and said he was happy Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş was sensitive to the issue. Orhan, who thanked everyone who contributed to this important organization, said the festival has been organized for years with a lot of effort.
Serpil Savaş, President of the Bursa Photography Art Association, expressed his pride and joy that BursaFotoFest is celebrating its 11th anniversary. Thanking those who have contributed to this excitement, Savaş said that the festival, which was held in the digital environment last year due to the pandemic, will reflect the warmth of sincerity and solidarity with the theme ” Eye to Eye ”this year.

FotoFest curator Kamil Fırat said there was more interest in the festival, which is being held for the 11th time this year. Explaining that nearly 1000 photographers have applied this year, Fırat pointed out that BursaPhotoFest is the only international photography festival in Turkey and that he is proud that Bursa is known around the world. Expressing that Azerbaijan is the guest country this year, Fırat stressed that Bursa unites east and west with this organization.

BursaFotoFest will start with the “Festival Walk” which will be held on Cumhuriyet Street at 19:2021 on Friday 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and the “Festival Opening Ceremony” will be held at the Merinos AKKM Exhibition Center at XNUMX.


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