Wegman Design Group celebrates its 20th anniversary


An important step was taken this year for Wegman Design Group (WDG). The interior design firm, local to the Southwest Florida area, is celebrating its 20th year in business which has been rich in client relationships, successful projects and thoughtful designs.

Known for his sophisticated eye and keen listening skills, the company’s mission to add “creative and intelligent design solutions” has enabled the company to grow in South Florida and beyond. .

The main focus of WDG is commercial interior design which involves a wide variety of types of business including those in the hospitality industry such as clubs, restaurants, bars and hotels; in medicine with dental practices, surgical clinics and wellness centers; in retirement communities, including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care.

For example, the group transformed a Mediterranean-style retail hub into the Oxbow of Fort Myers, a downtown dining hot spot integrated into a rustic but chic adventure outfitter. For the Westin Cape Coral Resort, they added a 35,000 square foot conference center and illuminated the space with stylish custom lighting and biophilic wood trims representative of mangrove canopies, all while complying with multi-demands. uses.

At the head of its diverse portfolio is its Director, Lori Wegman, who admits that the continued growth of the company stems from focusing on a true collaborative effort with its clients and on quality results, regardless of their size. .

“Seeing the results of the work of building a successful business has been very gratifying,” said Lori. “It’s a pleasure to work side by side with some of the most amazing people, architects, engineers and business leaders, while building relationships that are truly incredibly long. “

One of Wegman Design Group’s first clients was the Esplanade Condominium on Gulfshore Boulevard.

“They tried their luck with a new designer in town – and to this day – remain a client,” Lori said. “Other customers have been with the company for 18 years, such as Moorings Park and Shell Point – 14 years. It’s not uncommon to get a reminder years later from a client asking for a reinvention of a space we’ve worked on before because they feel they can trust our business. It is such a gratifying feeling.

With a hub in Naples, Florida, the company’s reach has expanded to Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Louisiana, as has their recognition.

In 2017, the company won a Grand Aurora Award for its work at Moorings Park Gray Oaks, which is recognized by the Southeast Building Conference and stands for # 1 Continuing Care Retirement Community – Purpose Built (c i.e. new construction).

In 2019, the company won first place in the EFA (Environments for Aging) Design Showcase competition against leading senior design projects nationwide for their work at Crystal, a restaurant within Shell Point retirement communities in Fort Myers, in Florida.

National accolades were also received for their work in the design of pavilions. In 2020, WDG won 1st place in Golf, Inc Magazine’s Clubhouse of the Year: Pavilion Renovation for the Pelican Sound Golf & River Club. This was followed in 2021 by 3rd place for their renovation of Hideaway Beach Club in Marco Island, Florida.

Although the company has a long history of successfully creating world-class designs and experiences in great places, Lori is excited about the future.

“Wegman Design Group is very well known in Southwest Florida, but we’re also starting to be recognized for our work statewide and even in different cities across the country,” Lori recalled.

More than creating an attractive setting, the company assists in the strategic planning of their projects which begins at the start of a project and involves focus groups, market research and the detail of the main branding image that will define a space.

Lori added, “By strategically synthesizing our clients’ goals with the unique possibilities of a space, we can positively influence the overall guest welcome. It is possible to have intuition of particular emotions and experiences in the built environment.

She continued, “We see it in the design of the lodges as we manufacture even more personalized equipment with preforming materials that perform even better than ever before and in senior residences with a broader idea of ​​what aging well really encompasses. . This means, knowing who is going to use the space, what their specific desires and limitations are, and staying abreast of current studies and relevant research, i.e. really knowing who your customers and end users really are. .

To further improve the parts of businesses they know and love, a natural evolution has been to expand businesses’ environmental graphics and branding services by adding a graphic designer and in-house photographer to their team.

Refreshing logos and monument signs, capturing creative photographs for illustration or marketing purposes, and crafting branding guidelines that maintain a consistent look and message across multiple media are some of the subtle details. that link interior design to the overall experience offered by their clients.

The firm’s management team currently consists of 5 senior-level professionals. Design director Loren Wegman, who runs clubhouse projects and has always produced award-winning works.

Design Director Meghan Kolund, whose background in healthcare design has made her a huge asset in tackling the 195,141 square foot Larsen Health Center currently under construction at Shellpoint.

Kelly Scott, Senior Project Manager, has been involved in leading many successful projects. Scott’s work on the Community Center of the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples is highly anticipated, the benefits of which from the project will have a significant and positive impact in our community.

The work of our new Design Director, Amber Caton, led to a Grand Aurora Award in 2019 and is a testament to her excellence.

We recently welcomed a new Director of Finance and Operations, Susan Wulber. His education and experience have continued to elevate our processes and procedures.

The core team also added two more designers, for a total of 4 hires in the past year. “We were able to grow our team, one special person at a time,” adds Lori.

“Senior designers, design assistants and the impressive procurement team add new perspectives and tools that enrich the entire company.” Lori says, “The fantastic professionals outside of our company add a level of know-how, ingenuity and technological advancement that I continue to learn from. Especially those professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction community where all of our work is done in some kind of partnership.

“We look forward to working with these exciting new customers and encourage other companies, builders and individuals to contact us to see how our 20 years in business can help them solve their design challenges. “

To learn more about Wegman Design Group, its team, methodology, services, and to visually review past projects, call 239-596-8551 or visit WegmanDesignGroup.com.

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