Wisconsin Announces First All-Female Student U Race Broadcast


The efforts of these students over the years have not gone unnoticed by those at BTN, “The Wisconsin Student U team consistently produces great shows for the B1G+ platform,” said Alex Bertsche, Vice President of Remote Production at Big Ten Network. “Student U is a key network initiative in that it not only provides live event coverage for Big Ten fans, but also provides training and hands-on experience for Big Ten students interested in careers. in the sports media. We are especially excited to support, amplify and celebrate the efforts of Wisconsin’s all-female crew on Saturday.

Women in sports media positions are steadily increasing, but to keep growing, women need to see people like them in positions like this.

Ever since the Athletic Department started our Title IX celebrations earlier this year, I had been thinking about the idea of ​​an all-female show, however, Jeff [Bell] was the first to voice the idea with me in late February,” remarked Kwinn Kraus, a live production intern for the Wisconsin Athletic Department. “This is the first time, if not since I started working for the department, that we have had enough women on our student staff to even consider it.

“The simple answer to this question is that female representation in this industry matters because women are more likely to want to do jobs than other women do. When you think of women in sports programming, we often imagine amazing women like Pam Oliver and Erin Andrews who are secondary reporters and on-screen talent. We don’t hear about the women working behind the scenes, we don’t see the women rebroadcast operators or the women standing on the sidelines using handheld cameras, or even those who go so far as to direct and produce shows. The best thing about our Student U program is that we encourage students to learn every position that goes into producing a show, so when we have women on our staff, it’s a great opportunity for them to see that there are more options than being over-filtered.”


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